Dust off those old love letters…or write a new one! In celebration of the world premiere of David DiChiera’s opera Cyrano — based on Edmond Rostand’s classic tale of unrequited love, Cyrano de Bergerac — Michigan Opera Theatre is presenting the Secret Love Letters Contest.

In the opera, Cyrano woos Roxane through impassioned love letters that he ghost-writes for a friend. His beautiful words capture her heart and Roxane falls in love with the letter-writer, not knowing his true identity. Here is your opportunity to win hearts – and a great date night – by posting your anonymous love letter on our website!

After our expert judges choose the most creative, original and compelling love letters, winners will receive:

First prize

  • A pair of box seats to Cyrano (Friday, Oct 26, 2007)
  • Limousine service to the opera courtesy of MLE Transportation - Blue City Drive Club (from within a 50-mile radius of downtown)
  • Dinner before the show in the Cadillac Cafe at the Detroit Opera House

Second prize

  • Two tickets to Cyrano (Friday, Oct 26, 2007)


  • Deadline for entry is midnight, October 5
  • Judges will announce winners at 12:00 noon on Friday, October 12, 2007.
  • Anyone may submit a Love Letter, using the online entry on this page.

There are no length requirements for your love letter submission; our judges are looking for panache. So, grab your quill pen keyboard and get ready to fall in love with Cyrano!

Tickets for two
for the Friday, October 26 performance of Cyrano.

Dinner for two
Enjoy a meal in the Cadillac Cafe at the Detroit Opera House.

Arrive in style
MLE Transportation - Blue City Drive Club is your evening chauffeur.
Anne Duggan Ph.D. is Associate Professor of French at Wayne State University and an expert on seventeenth century précieuses, the "precious women" who were the inspiration for Rostand's character, Roxane. Neal Rubin began writing his Detroit News column – called, cleverly enough, Neal Rubin – in June of 2000. His theoretically humorous look at life in Metro Detroit appears in the features section four days a week.
This contest is hosted by Michigan Opera Theatre,
1526 Broadway, Detroit, Michigan 48226.
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First Prize - Roy E. Lawhorn

My love, you are my heart, my breath, my air
till the time of eons and eons that stowed before us
my undeniable love will forever bear the witness
that there shall never be another for me
whether here on earth on in the heavens
till pouring tears of joy and sorrow are matched
with deafening wails and blinding rays of light
your name will forever be the soothing sounds
of a whisper through my darkest time of abomination
to my finest hour of celebration
my love you are and forever will be
my heart, my breath... my air.

Second Prize - Gloria Nixon-John

Dear One I Pray:

Behold the barren tree has hope
Of birds that light so gently there
Of spring that brings the open bud
And summer fruit that mortals love

Whilst here I stand my limbs adorned
Would nature bring me only scorn?
What flower must my season make,
What form entice your branch to shake?

Although so tarnished love inclined
I look above and stars still shine,
The moon once shrouded in my doubt
Glows now in blushing roundabout

Your will I hold to witness here
Your flesh awash in love's veneer...